HESA Services – Underground Storage Tank Management (UST)

The recently implemented federal and pending state UST regulations require annual testing of underground storage tanks, and in some cases, replacement of existing tanks. The aging of underground storage tanks (USTs) can result in deterioration and eventual leakage, thus polluting the surrounding soil and possibly groundwater.

HESA can evaluate the status of your USTs and develop a cost-effective management plan that fully satisfies federal and state requirements and reduces your liability risks.

If testing is required to verify the integrity of existing tanks, HESA utilizes a patented soil gas technique (for volatile compounds only) to determine if leakage has occurred.

If groundwater has been or suspected of being contaminated, a full scale Investigation/Action report can be provided and includes:

  • Methodology of tank and saturated soil removal;
  • Soil sampling results including a cost effective soil gas investigation, if appropriate;
  • Results and discussion of analysis from the installation and sampling of groundwater monitoring wells;
  • Groundwater elevations, Well Construction Summaries, Well Search Summaries, and a plot of potable wells, utility wells, and other monitoring wells on a United States Geological Survey (U.S.G.S.) Map;
  • Premium groundwater contamination isopleth and contour maps (generated by Auto CADD).

HESA proceeds on the assumption that the USTs have not leaked, and the scope of work is developed accordingly. A phased approach is utilized to minimize cost.

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