HESA Services – Industrial Site Recover Act (ISRA) - Formerly ECRA

Many states are now linking environmental cleanups to the transfer of property. ISRA, promulgated by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection and Energy (NJ DEP), is one of our nation's most stringent environmental laws and requires sellers of most industrial and commercial properties to prove that no contamination exists on their properties.

HESA can assist you with ISRA compliance by:

  • Conducting an environmental assessment;
  • Preparation of:
    – General Information Submissions (GIS);
    – Preliminary Assessments (PM);
    – Site Investigations (SI)
  • Development and implementation of comprehensive:
    – Sampling and Analysis Plans (SAP) to further characterize the soil, water, and air quality at the property;
    – Cleanup Plans encompassing cost effective solutions;
  • Performance of qualitative and quantitative environmental and health risk assessments to support the environmental concerns of the property. Risk assessments, if used appropriately, can support leaving elevated levels of contaminants in soil or water if the contaminants do not pose unreasonable risks to human health or the environment. Risk assessments can also provide extremely cost effective solutions allowing the elevated contaminant level(s) to be left in place, thereby minimizing excavation, removal, transportation and disposal costs;
  • Interfacing with NJ DEP throughout the ISRA process until the property is rendered acceptable to the NJ DEP-ISRA program.

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