HESA Services – Hazard Communication and Right-To-Know Services

Workplace Survey

HESA can assist you with the identification of hazardous substances, complete workplace surveys while protecting trade secrets, and provide agency liaison support for full compliance.

Material Safety Data Sheets

Computerized material data sheets data base designed to accommodate confidential/proprietary formulations including raw materials, intermediates and product formulations. HESA has developed a "Hazard Evaluation Program" to provide consistent estimated toxicity evaluations for mixtures based on individual components.

Precautionary Chemical Labeling

HESA provides precautionary chemical labeling pursuant to the recently implemented Universal Chemical Labeling Standard by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection and in full compliance with the OSHA Hazard Communication Standard.

Hazard Communication Data Systems

HESA can assist you with the development of your own computerized hazard communication data base. Periodically, HESA can review your assessments and recommend changes if necessary.

Hazard Communication Systems

The hazard communication program consists of the following (at minimum):

  • hazardous chemical inventory list development;
  • material safety data sheets;
  • precautionary chemical labeling guidelines and text;
  • hazardous chemical training program and schedule;
  • procedures for updating and anticipating changes.


Under SARA TITLE III, HESA can assist you with four major sections:

  • Emergency notification
  • Emergency planning - interface with the Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) to coordinate emergency response activities (i.e., rescue, evacuation, response plans, enforcement, etc.)
  • Submission of material safety data sheets or lists and chemical inventory reporting
  • Toxic chemical release reporting (this section applies to facilities with SIC codes 20-39)

Hazard Communication Training

HESA conducts on an off site training following the prescribed program below. Modifications to this program can be accommodated.

1. A general overview of the law including:

  • the essence of the law;
  • employee rights under the law:
    – Right to refuse work and protection from discrimination;
  • access to information:
    – Central file and location;
    – RTK Workplace Survey;
    – Community RTK Survey;
    – Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS);
    – Hazardous Substances Fact sheets.

2. A general overview of occupational health including the common methods used to identify and prevent hazards specific to chemicals used in your company's trade. Topics will include:

  • Recognizing safety hazards;
  • Evaluating employee exposure;
  • Controlling employee exposure.

3. An overview of the MSDS -interpretation of information. Section by section review of the following:

  • Chemical and physical properties;
  • Composition information;
  • Fire and explosion hazard data;
  • Health hazard data;
  • Emergency and first aid procedures;
  • Reactivity data;
  • Spill or leak procedures;
  • Special protection and precaution information.

4. A brief introduction to the potential health effects from exposure to hazardous chemicals. MSDS and Hazardous Substance Fact Sheet review.

5. Personnel protective equipment overview. A general discussion of emergency procedures and location of emergency equipment will be addressed.

6. Question and Answer Period.

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