HESA Services – Environmental Assessment and Related Services

The essence of the environmental assessment is to identify, from on-site observations and review of available documents, any environmental problems that may have occurred at the property.

The sale or transfer of property can pose unexpected liabilities. Storage of hazardous wastes, often concealed, on a property, or unsound waste disposal, even many years in the past, can turn a "promising" investment into a nightmare of expense and litigation. HESA's comprehensive understanding of environmental assessments and related investigations assures cost effective solutions.

HESA's Environmental Assessment consists of the following:

  • An on-site visit to determine evidence of hazardous substances, wastes, materials and noncompliance of other environmentally regulated areas;
  • Complete compliance profiles on environmental regulated areas;
  • Review of historical records and operations of previous owners/occupants for potential environmental problems;
  • Performance of a records search and interviews with federal, state, and local agencies to determine if there are noncompliance notices, permit violations, health related complaints or other documentation against the property.

Who can use Environmental Assessment Services?

  • Property owners;
  • Prospective buyers, real estate investors, brokers, and builders;
  • Legal counsel;
  • Lending institutions;
  • Insurance companies.

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