About HESA

The need for the services that HESA provides generally arise with the transfer of property from one party to another. This includes parties looking to sell their property or parties looking to buy property. Often, the history of a specific property may not be known by the seller. There may have been contamination done years ago that the current owner is not even aware of. Changes in regulations may now make that contamination the current owners responsibility. HESA would like to become Your Partner in Environmental Compliance. We are looking to build long-term relationships with institutions and individuals who routinely process the transfer or sale of property.

Our Commitment

A company can no longer exist merely because it provides jobs to the community. Today, industry must operate with environmentally sound practices.

When it is time for your company to face environmental issues, the only way to keep up is to hire the professionals.
HESA's professionals are committed to providing your company the services it needs to remain an essential part of its community.

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